Are angels human? I realize that this is thought provoking but when angels first entered my life and having never given the subject much thought in the past it came as no surprise to me to discover that they were human just like us only much more advanced in every sense of the word.  Furthermore I connected with them immediately.  While this might be difficult for some to understand it makes complete sense to me.

Angels are often seen as energies, beings without a form or body and yet this is completely untrue.  However there are other groups of beings who are perceived as angels not because of their unusual appearance, but for the fact that they have a form made of pure energy.   Some of these beings work in the same way Angels do such as a group known as the Seraphim.

When I first made contact with my Angels they were all humans, furthermore many of them dressed just like we do on this planet!  The first time I saw them  was in the ethereal sense in my home.  They were all human.  Later I saw them in physical form in visions and dreams.  I even saw a male Angel in physical form in my living room one night.  He was dressed in a white shirt with beige trousers and had blonde hair.  I was later told by my Angels that he was a Pleiadean Angel.  I have written about this encounter in another post which will be added soon.

There are times when Angels are seen shrouded by energy of many colors.  They appear this way more often than not, when sent on missions to deliver messages to the people of this planet in order not to frighten them.

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