Archangel Lauren

Archangel Lauren


Archangel Lauren is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Lauren is 30 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall with a medium complexion, vibrant blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Lauren is usually seen wearing a pretty gypsy style chiffon top over white pants and a gold Cleopatra style head band.  Lauren is from the ‘Sanctuary of Rea’ situated in the outer regions of the Universe and is an ‘Angel of Light’.

Lauren is an extraordinary human being who believes that women deserve to be recognized for their minds instead of their physical forms. Lauren also believes that children are the most important beings in the Universe and that they must be protected at all costs as they represent the future.

Lauren is married to Archangel John and has four beautiful children.  While on assignment Lauren’s parents take care of her children who are in daily contact with her using holographic video technology and telepathic transportation methods.

In the not too distant future Lauren will be acknowledged for her significant contributions to Humankind and to the welfare of this planet.

Primary Roles:  Principal Guardian Angel and Principal Mentor
Angel Group:    The Rèàn Angels (link to be added soon)

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