Archangel Gregory

Archangel Gregory


Archangel Gregory is a Byzèntian Angel and is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Gregory is 29 Earth years in appearance, 6’9″ tall with a pale complexion, green eyes and chin length wavy brown hair.  Gregory is usually seen wearing a long white tunic, leather sandals and a gold Cleopatra style headband. Gregory is from the Sanctuary of Byzèntia situated in the outer regions of the Universe.

Gregory is a gentle man who makes it his life mission to protect children who are abandoned at birth by their parents.   Gregory is known throughout the Universe for his work with children and for his passion for their safety and will soon be recognized for his accomplishments.

Gregory has written several books about raising children that have been published across the Universe.  In his books Gregory talks about the disadvantages of bringing up children as a single parent and the need for a more definitive method of punishment for people who abuse children. Gregory has also written several books for children about the myths and legends of the Universe.

Gregory has been assigned to this planet as an integral part of our enlightenment process.

Primary Roles:  Principal Guardian Angel, Principal Healer and Enlightenment
Angel Group:    The Byzèntian Angels 
Reference:        The Age of Enlightenment

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