Incident in my kitchen.  I was in my kitchen on Sunday afternoon trying to decide what to have for dinner.  I had just poured myself a glass of water to take into the living room with me then I got distracted and left the glass on the kitchen counter.  About an hour later I wondered where my water was and then I remembered it was in the kitchen so I went back to get it and once again got distracted by my cat who had followed me into the kitchen hoping to be fed.  Then I set about preparing my dinner.  While doing so I noticed my glass of water was still on the counter and decided to move it into the dining room.  As I picked up the glass I accidentally dropped it on my kitchen floor.  I was devastated because it was part of a set of four crystal glasses I had recently purchased.

My first concern was for my cat as I did not want her to hurt herself so I quickly bent down to pick up the broken glass only to find that the glass was intact although there was water splattered everywhere.  I could not believe it!  It was as if someone had caught the glass and gently placed it on my kitchen floor.  The glass was upright and undamaged.  All I had to do was to mop up the water that was once in it!

I asked my angels if one of them had stopped the glass from breaking and I was told yes because it was one of my favorites.

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  • How wonderful. Shortly after my mom passed away our glasses were moving on the coffee table. It was mom❤❤

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