Angel Guidance About My Dog by Andre Jacobsen

Angel Guidance About My Dog by Andre Jacobsen

In July my parents lovely dog Dusty (attached a photo), who had been with us for almost 14 years, suddenly become ill. Even though he had some moment that he was good, it was clearly that he had times in which he was suffering from pain. We were a bit in doubt whether we should put him asleep or not, but at the same day when we made the decision, a poem on the Internet came across. First it almost felt like a coincidence, but the words suddenly became so clearly to me, that the poem become a clear signal to do the inevitable. I send the link below. Its in Dutch but I provide translated version below:

Although it was hard for us, to let Dusty go, we now feel at complete peace with it.   Although physical not present, somehow we still feel his presence at our home.   I feel that an angel must have brought this poem at the exact time and moment, to help us in making a difficult decision.   I now become more perceptive towards signals, and understand the presence of a higher power in the universe.

Recently I also shared an experience in which I become more aware about signals shown in music and songs. It is therefore that I was so much touched by the writing about angel messages on your webpage.   It confirms what I felt for some time.   Although I am still in a learning process, all these signals do improve the quality of my life and therefore also the life of people surrounding me.   I am very thankful for that.   My kindest regards.  Andre Jacobsen.

Poem translation:

You are my boss and I your dog
If I am ill and weak
If pain dispels the sleep
If unrest takes possession of me
Then do what is inevitable and let me go
The last good deed

Decide for me and do not be cowardly
Fits self love, at the friendship that I gave
Or postponement until it fits better in a losing battle

I’m not afraid during this last going
You will not run away!
You look at me and calls me to my dearest name
and keep me tight
Today for last, I greet you with my dogs tail
You did what you did for me.

You have saved me even more pain
For pointless suffering kept me
A heavy decision
That was based on an old and unique Covenant.

You are my boss and I your dog

‘Angel Guidance About My Dog’ by Andre Jacobsen

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