The Xètán Angels

The Xètán Angels


The Xètán Angels are a magnificent group of human beings who reside in the Kingdom of Xètá situated in the outer regions of the Universe.  The Kingdom of Xètá is a very large planet that is home to multiple groups of angels known as ‘Angels of Light’. The Xètán Angels are an ancient civilization that pre-dates the Universe who are known for their magical abilities and for their enchanting history.

The Xètán Angels are responsible for the introduction of several children’s fables to this planet and these are Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves all of which are loosely based on actual events that took place on Xètá over a thousand millennia ago. The Xètán Angels are also responsible for introducing several breeds of cats to our planet and they are Persian, Siamese and Egyptian Mau.

There are several Xètán Angels who will soon be acknowledged for their significant contributions to this planet and they are Xètán Angels Zé, Jorat and Phillyda.  The Xètán Angels also have a significant role in The 2012 Transition.

In time the Xètán Angels will be formally acknowledged for their contributions to Humankind. I will be writing more about the Xètán Angels in a future chapter of this website.

Reference:  The 2012 Transition (click to view)

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