The Syièn Angels

The Syièn Angels


The Syièns are a remarkable group of angels who live in the outer regions of the Universe in a place known for its beautiful landscapes and bright star like energies that illuminate the sky.  The Syièn Angels have a significant role in the 2012 transition and that is to bring new communication technology to this planet.

The Syièn Angels maintain a high standard of living and spend a great deal of time developing new techniques to improve angel communication throughout the Universe and its outer regions. One of the most significant developments involves the telepathic projection of imagery that is in the final stages of completion. The reason this particular development is significant is because of its relevance to the 2012 transition.

The Syièn Angels are a multicultural civilization comprising several distinctive ethnic groups who coexist in perfect harmony.  Each of these groups has its own unique physical appearance and style of dress.

Reference:  The 2012 Transition (click to view)

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