The Opal Children

The Opal Children


The Opal Children are known to us incorrectly as the Rainbow Children, however that is not their actual name. They are Angels of the highest order and are named after the infinite colors of the Universe. An opal in its purest form contains many colors and is considered one of the most precious minerals in the Universe.

The Opal Children’s eyes are very distinctive – they are very pale with flecks of color, almost luminescent. This particular group of angels are known around the Universe for their healing capabilities. The Opal Children have an unusual healing technique. They are born with a natural healing energy that emanates from their eyes. This energy is amongst the most powerful of its kind around the Universe.

In addition to their miraculous healing powers the Opal Children have the capability to communicate using their eyes. This is quite extraordinary and is the reason they are being featured on this website. These children take this amazing ability with them wherever they incarnate. They reach maturity at age 11 and are immortal.

The Opal Children began incarnating on Earth in 2012 specifically for this planet’s Transition to Enlightenment.

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