The Nàtivan Angels

The Nàtivan Angels


The Nàtivan Angels come from a tiny planet named Nativa situated in a remote corner of the Universe where life is uncomplicated and peace prevails. Nativa is a beautiful planet and a rather unusual one as it is made up solely of islands all with lush vegetation and exotic flora and fauna. The Nàtivans are not from the Universe originally, their origins are sacred.

The Nàtivan Angels are known across the Universe for their peaceful nature and love of life. Their philosophy is one of many facets and that is to live a peaceful life, to love unconditionally and to strive for the advancement of human wisdom.

The Nàtivan Angels are often assigned to remote parts of the Universe where life is in its infancy and where a great deal of patience is required in order to establish structure and a peaceful existence. The most significant role the these angels have in the Universe is that of ‘Star Angels’, an elite group of angels who patrol the Universe to ensure its safety.

The Nàtivan Angels are ambassadors of peace and have made it their mission to spread hope and joy wherever it is needed. They are known across the Universe for their love of music and for their dedication to the celebration of life.

The following Angels will soon be acknowledged for their significant contributions to Mankind and they are Nàtivan Angels Zeek, Fabian, Zola, Verona and Myria.

The Nàtivan Angels are an integral part of our planet’s enlightenment process and will be working with the Fárians and Pleiadeans on several projects that require their area of expertise.

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