Star Children

Star Children


These are Angels who incarnate all over the Universe and there are record numbers living among us right now as Angel Channelers and Spirit Channelers  A Star Child’s life purpose is to integrate and protect the Human race hence their significant role in our planet’s transition to enlightenment.

Star Children can be identified as follows:

* Pale to medium complexions
* Blue or green eyes
* Blonde, brunette or black hair

Metaphysical abilities:

* Angel Channelers
* Spirit Channelers
* Star Channelers


These are the sons and daughters of Star People. They live with their family eleven light years away from the Constellation of Pléiàdes until they enter adulthood which begins on the 8th anniversary of their year of birth. Star children have a different calendar system to our Gregorian calendar. One ‘star’ year represents ten Earth years which means they reach adulthood by Earth standards at the tender age of 80 years of age.

Star Children have very distinguishing features. They have pale skin and vivid blue or vivid green eyes. Their average height is 6’4″. These Angels often have trouble settling in one place and this is because of their constant need to explore the Universe in a quest for knowledge. It is for this reason that they very rarely have fixed abodes.

Note: This chapter was channeled from Árian Angels.

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