The Star Angels

The Star Angels


The Star Angels are an elite group of angels who patrol the Universe to ensure its safety. This is a massive undertaking and requires the cooperation of thousands of angels, space scientists and mathematicians.  There are several hundred angel groups who are assigned as Star Angels and they include the Nàtivan Angels, Pleiadean Angels, Lirán Angels, Pràlean Angels and Árian Angels.  The main reason these angels patrol the Universe is to prevent cataclysmic events from occurring due to extreme weather patterns in space.

Star Angels are able to travel through time in order to stop space anomalies from developing and also to protect certain areas of the Universe where life is still in its infancy. Star Angels are also able to freeze time in order to collect data about future events that could have an impact on the history of Humankind so that they can prevent them from happening.

There are several Star Angels who will soon be acknowledged for their significant contributions to this planet and they are Star Angels Adam, Tòc, Cornelius and Julius.

Star Angels have a significant role in our planet’s transition of enlightenment, one that requires a great deal of fortitude and resilience.

Reference:  The Age of Enlightenment

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