The Crystal Angels

The Crystal Angels


The Crystal Angels are a formidable group of angels who hail from the planet of Dàrià situated in a solar system not too very far from our own.  Dàrià is a magnificent planet with beautiful lakes, majestic mountain ranges and the most amazing crystalline rock formations that have curative powers. The Crystal Angels have mastered a healing technique that converts crystals into energy and are known throughout the Universe for their extraordinary healing abilities. The Crystal Angels are one of the groups of angels responsible for the introduction of crystals to the Universe.

The Crystal Angels have several distinguishing features that include pale complexions and beautiful blue, green, silver and violet crystalline eyes. They are often seen wearing beautiful long white robes decorated with ornate crystals, platinum jewelry and intricately designed footwear. The Crystal Angels are assigned to our planet as guardian angels, mentors and metaphysical healers.

The Crystal Angels are an integral part of the 2012 transition and will be introducing several new metaphysical healing techniques to this planet over the next few decades. There are several Crystal Angels who will soon be acknowledged for their significant contributions to this planet and they are Crystal Angels Zalak, Zoya, Melah, Fujah and Ziya.

The Crystal Angels are not to be confused with the Crystal Children who are a completely different group of angels.

Reference:  The 2012 Transition (click to view)

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