The Azúrean Angels


The Azúreans are an extraordinary group of Angels who are known for their teleportation skills and quantum time travel techniques.  The Azúrean Angels come from a beautiful planet called Azuria located about a million miles from Earth. Azuria is the largest planet of its kind in a star system of over one hundred different planets and star groups. The Azúrean Angels are not from the Universe originally, their origins are sacred.

The Azúreans have a wonderful philosophy towards life and they spend a great deal of their time spreading joy across the Universe. They are healers of the highest order who use energy extracted from their planet’s stratosphere to produce therapeutic seeds that are distributed to remote areas of the Universe where they are used for medicinal purposes.

The Azúrean Angels have various methods of transporting themselves between dimensions one of them being by simply stepping across them telepathically! They are the pioneers of a paraphysical technology used in the outer regions of the Universe called quantum gliding that enables angels to literally ‘glide’ through space without any form of equipment.

The Azúrean Angels have made several significant contributions towards the evolution of Humankind and will soon be acknowledged for their role in the unification of the Universe. There are several Azúrean Angels who have made significant contributions to this planet and they are Azúrean Angels Jàn, Claude, François and Dorian.

The Azúrean Angels are an integral part of this planet’s enlightenment process and will be helping with the evolution of this planet’s metaphysical technology.

Reference:  The Age of Enlightenment

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