Aztèc Children

Aztèc Children


The Aztèc Children are one of the most ancient groups of angels in the Universe today.  They have incarnated on this planet since 1844 and are known for their powerful healing techniques.

Aztèc Children can be identified as follows:

* Medium to dark complexions
* Brown or hazel eyes
* Dark brown or jet black hair

Metaphysical abilities:

* Star Channelers
* Energy Healers

These Angels are an integral part of our planet’s enlightenment transition and will be working with the Árian Angels to bring much-needed peace to this planet.


The Aztèc Children are a remarkable group of child Angels who hail from a tiny planet by the name of Vìéntea located in the outer regions of the Universe. Vìéntea is known for its lush sub-tropical islands that make up most of the planet and for its beautiful crystal clear oceans teeming with marine life.

The Aztèc Children are metamorphs which means that they have the ability to transform themselves into any shape, size or form they desire. These child Angels are known across the Universe for their spectacular acrobatic performances that have to be seen to be believed.

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