Angel Groups

Angel Groups


There are over 7,000 groups of angels in the Universe today most of whom are humans. The first group of angels assigned to the Universe were the Árian Angels who oversee its development.  As we transition through the Age of Enlightenment we will learn the names of all Archangels assigned to this planet and the names of the angel groups each Archangel belongs to.

There are several groups of angels who deserve special recognition for their many contributions to the Universe and these include the Árian Angels, Azúrean Angels, Emerald Angels, Flùvián Angels, Pleiadean Angels, Qárian Angels, Star Angels, Terrán Angels and Lirán Angels.  Several of these groups are already featured on this website and I will be adding several new groups in the near future.

Reference:  The Age of Enlightenment
Reference:  The Árian Angels

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