Angel Color Signs

Angel Color Signs


Angels often use colors signs as messages during readings, in dreams or in visions.  This is a complex subject that is often confusing, misunderstood or ignored.  There is good reason for the confusion as Angels often appear shrouded in beautiful colored energies or as orbs indicating their presence.  In addition colors are also used in meditations and while many enjoy seeing them most do not understand the reason why they are being shown  to them.

The most common of the Angel color signs are listed below:

BLUE:   The color blue symbolizes communication, truth or water.

GOLD:   The color gold symbolizes wealth.

GREEN:   The color green symbolizes healing, healer or finances.

LAVENDER:   The color lavender symbolizes harmony.

ORANGE:   The color orange symbolizes a period of transition.

PINK:   The color pink symbolizes romance.

RED:   The color red symbolizes love.

SILVER:   The color silver symbolizes blessings.

WHITE:   The color white symbolizes peace or the presence of an angel.

YELLOW:   The color yellow symbolizes change for the better.

During the course of our ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ we will learn about the many methods available to us that Angels use to communicate.

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