An Angel Saved My Life by Alison Sutcliffe

An Angel Saved My Life by Alison Sutcliffe

alison-suttcliffeI had an experience while driving a long distance I was about 3 hours into my journey on some country roads. All of a sudden I felt someone was with me in the car I felt their hand on my shoulder I was driving alone . I felt a hand on my hand which was on the gear stick but I knew that they where in the passenger seat before they touched me I was coming up to a small bridge. I had sensed that I was being told to slow down. As I was driving towards a small bridge a truck came fast on to the bridge and had I not slowed down I would have been on that bridge when the truck came round the corner on to the bridge. I feel my life was saved that night. Angelic intervention. I am grateful the presence stayed with me till I got to my destination.

‘An Angel Saved My Life’ by Alison Sutcliffe.

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