An Angel Helped My Daughter by Lilianne Latulippe

An Angel Helped My Daughter by Lilianne Latulippe

Once I was doing my grocery with my daughter, she was 26 months (around). I saw a man, dressed with a big coat, old barb, serious when I was putting things on the rolling rug. I told my daughter to not put her hand on that, but she did and stuck it so all stopped and her fingers couldn’t move, so the cashier told me that the guy was getting a tool to help, when the man told me to take the hand of my daughter off it. I told him that a guy would come back to loosen it and he repeated a second time to take her hand off it and I did simply.

When I was looking at the hand and asked her if she could move her fingers, I saw him going out, walking away. The cashier asked me what happened and I told her and I asked her if she knew this man and she asked me, what man?? She never saw him. To end it, my daughter saw him also. She can still remember and she is now 35! Stories like that in my life, there are more than one and I thank Angels for the Peace they bring in my soul.

‘An Angel Helped My Daughter’ by Lilianne Latulippe

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