The Angel Channelers

The Angel Channelers


An Angel Channeler is someone who has the ability to channel spiritual guidance telepathically from Angels. The Angel Channelers are a crucial part of our Transition to Enlightenment because of their ability to connect with Angels who are here to guide and protect us.  As part of the enlightenment process Angel Channelers will be given information about Sacred Geometry Symbols, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Prophecies and the history of this planet.

Angel Channelers have a significant role in the spiritual evolution of this planet not only because of their connection to the angel realms but also because of the hope and validation they give to people seeking spiritual guidance.

The Transition to Enlightenment will be an exciting period for Angel Channelers as they develop advanced channeling skills that will take them to a higher level of enlightenment.

Reference:  The Age of Enlightenment

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