The Star Channelers

The Star Channelers


Star Channelers are people who have the ability to communicate with the angel realms, spirit realms and other metaphysical realms across the Universe and its outer regions using an advanced form of telepathic communication known as ‘star channeling’.

Star Channelers are an integral part of ‘The 2012 Transition’ because of their powerful abilities to connect with the people from different regions of the Universe who will be helping us with the process of enlightenment.

Star Channelers are insightful individuals who possess extraordinary metaphysical abilities and a great knowledge of the Universe. In the future star channelers will be able to enable visual communication between people and their deceased loved ones using an advanced channeling technique called ‘metaphysical image transference’.

At this time there are very few Star Channelers on this planet however this will change over the next two decades as the process of enlightenment evolves.

Reference:  The 2012 Transition

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