Dawn of Enlightenment

Dawn of Enlightenment


The first phase of the transition began 30th January 2012 and ends 13th May 2019. This phase is divided into six stages that will define the preliminary objective of the transition. This phase will be known as ‘The Dawn of Enlightenment’.

Stage One – ‘Metaphysical Awakening’

During this stage Angels and Spirit Guides will be making themselves known to Angel, Spirit and Star channelers who have not yet been awakened to their metaphysical (mediumship) abilities and also to those who aspire to connect with their Angels.

Stage Two – ‘Introduction to Fusion Channeling’

During this stage Star Channelers will be introduced to a powerful new method of communication called ‘fusion channeling’ that enables them to receive enlightenment from Angels and other groups currently unknown to us, who reside in regions outside the Universe.  The reason it is called fusion channeling is because it combines several methods of advanced communication technology.

Stage Three – ‘Sacred Geometric Symbols of the Universe’

In this stage Angel, Spirit and Star Channelers will be introduced to the sacred geometric symbols currently used to transmit time sensitive information throughout the Universe.  Each geometric symbol represents specific sectors of the intricate and complex dimensions of the Universe.  Channelers have been shown sacred geometric symbols throughout the centuries however very few have actually understood them.

Stage Four – ‘Renaissance of Metaphysical Awareness’

During this stage there will be a resurgence of metaphysical awareness for anyone connected to the Angel or Spirit realms.

Stage Five – ‘Symbols of the Universe’

In this stage we will learn about the official symbols of the Universe, how to identify them and how to interpret them. The symbols of the Universe will be used by Angels as an advanced form of communication with Angel and Star channelers.

Stage Six – ‘Advancement of Angel Numerology’

In this stage we will learn the advanced method of angel numerology currently used throughout the Universe.

Reference:  The 2012 Transition

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