The year 2012 marked the beginning of a new era for Mankind one that will change the way we evolve as humans on this planet.  The transition is about the evolution of synchronicity and the devolution of fear.

During the transition there will be an increase of awareness for all those blessed with the ability to channel angels.  This means that Angel Channelers and Spirit Channelers around the world will be given enhanced sensory perception in order to accurately convey messages received from their angels about the transition.   There are several new angel groups who have been arriving on this planet since 2012 who are being assigned to Angel Channelers and Spirit Channelers as mentors and who will become known to us as the ‘Angels of Wisdom’.

The transition will be overseen by three significant groups of angels and they are the Árian Angels, the Pleiadean Angels and the Tytàníèn Angels who have been involved since its inception. The transition comprises seven phases that will take place over six decades and will fulfill a long-awaited prophecy that will be known as the Age of Enlightenment.

Reference:  The Árian Angels, The Pleiadean Angels, The Tytàníèn Angels 

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