Working With Pendulums

Working With Pendulums


There is a lot of confusion where pendulums are concerned. A pendulum when used correctly is a divination tool that can help people communicate with their angels, spirit guides and the afterlife.  I am often asked about pendulums and why they do not always work properly. This is due to a number of reasons one of which is that the person using a pendulum does not understand its true significance.

Another reason is that people tend to forget that they are not talking to a pendulum but the angels or spirit guides who deliver validation through it. In any case it is always best to use the pendulum in a private place and not in a public one because you could inadvertently pick up on someone’s negative energy which could interfere with the guidance you are being given.

Below are some of the questions I have received from people who experience problems while using them:

1.   My pendulum does not move.

2.   When I get an answer it turns out to be an incorrect one.

3.   I feel like I am influencing my pendulum.


Program your pendulum so that you can receive validation in the following manner:

1.   When your pendulum moves in a clockwise motion the answer is YES

2.   When your pendulum does not move at all the answer is NO

3.   When your pendulum moves from side to side it means that there is more than one answer to your question.

4.   When your pendulum moves in a counter-clockwise motion it means that you are not permitted to know the answer at this time.

Make a list of the questions you would like to ask your angels or guides BEFORE using the pendulum for validation.

As you write your questions write down what you believe you are hearing from your angels or guides. Keep your questions simple and to the point.

Once you have finished your list of questions with the answers you believe you have received then use your pendulum for validation as follows:

Ask each question one at a time and wait for the pendulum to move. Then see if it matches the answer you wrote down.

If there is any doubt and you feel that you have ‘influenced’ your pendulum by causing it to move yourself (this is very common) then try standing up with your arm straight down and do not lift the pendulum instead just let it hang by your side. Try asking your questions one at a time and see if the pendulum moves. If it does then see if the answers match the ones received in your first session. If they do not then you have been ‘influencing’ your pendulum by anticipating the answers.

Remember that when you use a pendulum it is to validate information you have received from your angels or spirit guides.

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