Spirit Channeling

Spirit Channeling


The ancient method of channeling has existed since the creation of the Universe and is used to communicate with the Angel and Spirit Realms. The reality behind channeling has been a source of mystery for millennia.

In order to understand this complex subject one must first learn about the difference between channeling angels and channeling spirits because they are completely different. The energy that is channeled from angels is energy in its purest form that encircles us during angel readings. The energy channeled from spirits is channeled from two completely separate dimensions from ours and they are the first and second dimensions of this planet.

Our planet is three-dimensional and as such it takes a great deal of energy in order for information to be received by the person channeling it. The purpose of trans-dimensional channeling is to enable communication between deceased loved ones and their families. As time evolves spirit channeling is becoming a much loved way of receiving validation of an afterlife that many skeptics fail to envisage. The question on everyone’s minds is where are these dimensions that we hear so much about? Each of the three dimensions overlap in a parallel manner and rotate in a clockwise motion. The third dimension is where we live, the second dimension is a sanctuary for people who have left this life before moving on to the next one and the first dimension is where most people call home after this life.

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