Angel and Spirit Channeling

Angel and Spirit Channeling


The ancient method of channeling, also known as telepathic communication, has existed since the creation of the Universe. Angel and Spirit channeling is used to communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides. The reality behind channeling has been a source of mystery for millennia. We will have a better understanding about the significance of telepathic communication as we evolve metaphysically during our planet’s transition to enlightenment.

In order to understand this complex subject one must first learn about the difference between channeling Angels and channeling spirits because they are completely different.

The energy that is channeled from Angels is energy in its purest form that encircles us during angel readings.  The energy channeled from spirits is channeled from two completely separate dimensions from ours and they are the first and second dimensions of this planet.

Angel and Spirit channeling are the most advanced method of data transference used today and is the precursor to a new form of telepathic communication known around the Universe as energy channeling.

Reference:  Age of Enlightenment

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