About Pendulums

About Pendulums


Pendulums when used correctly are divination tools that can help people communicate with their Angels and Spirit Guides.  If you choose to use this form of communication it is extremely important to program the pendulum before using it for the first time.


You must always ask your angels for protection before using your pendulum and you must always program it so that your Angels, Guides and loved ones can respond in a manner you can understand.  It is recommended that you program your pendulum in the following manner:

CLOCKWISE MOTION:  When the pendulum swings in a clockwise motion the answer is YES.

NO MOTION:  When the pendulum does not move the answer is NO.

LEFT TO RIGHT MOTION:  When the pendulum swings from left to right this means there are multiple answers to the question asked and that the question needs to be rephrased in order to enable a YES or NO answer.

COUNTER CLOCKWISE MOTION:  When the pendulum swings in a counter clockwise motion we are not permitted to know the answer.

After you have programmed your pendulum you must test it. Always hold your pendulum with your dominant hand.  You must always ask your angels if you have permission to use the pendulum.  Once permission is granted the pendulum will move in the direction it was programmed to.  If you programmed your pendulum to move in a clockwise motion for ‘yes’ it will start to move very slowly in that direction. When your pendulum moves you are ready to ask questions.  The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about using a pendulum:

WHY YOU SHOULD ASK FOR PROTECTION:  You must always ask your angels for protection before each ‘question and answer’ session using your pendulum otherwise the answer might not come from a reliable source.

WHO ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS?  Your angels, guides or loved ones will answer your questions when asked correctly.

HOW SHOULD A QUESTION BE ASKED?  Ask one question at a time, keep it simple and be very specific. Remember that some questions have more than one answer! Your angels, guides and loved ones are not permitted to answer any questions about life expectancy or life threatening situation.

CAN YOU TRUST THE ANSWERS YOU RECEIVE?  You can trust the answers you receive as long as you have asked your questions in a clear and concise manner as described above. Your angels, guides and loved ones are under oath to answer your questions truthfully.

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE:  If you are looking for spiritual guidance from your angels, guides or loved ones please understand that using the pendulum is not your best option.  In this case you would be best advised to seek guidance through a reputable angel or spirit channeler (medium).

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