Angel Realms

Angel Realms


An angel realm is a sun or star system or systems where a collective of angels reside. Each realm comprises several angel groups all of whom have specific and essential functions to perform. There are over forty angel realms in the Universe today and over two hundred outside it.

The Sanctuary of Ária is the most significant of the angel realms as it was the very first one to be created in the Universe and because it is home to the Árian angels. The Sanctuary of Ária is a beautiful planet encircled by over seven hundred uninhabited moons that are a sight to behold because of the bright yellow energy that emanates from them.

The next most significant of the angel realms is the Azúrean Realm known throughout the Universe for its magnificent cities with towering spires and majestic lakes. The Azúrean Realm is home to several groups of angels, primarily the Azúrean Angels who are responsible for its creation.

The most unusual of the angel realms is the Emerald Realm which is one of the most extraordinary creations in the Universe. The Emerald Realm is one of the largest of the angel realms comprising one sun system and two star systems with over seven hundred planets that are all inhabited by Emerald Angels. One of the main features of the Emerald Realm is a rather large domed city where you will find some of the most beautiful crystal jewelry in the Universe.

The angel realms are an integral part of this planet’s metaphysical structure that will be revealed to us during the course of the 2012 transition.

The term ‘angel realm’ is also used when communicating with angels and refers to an area where angels convene to channel information to us during readings.

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