Angel Healers

Angel Healers


There are thousands of Angels who are healers most of whom have yet to be acknowledged. The following are among the many Angel healers currently assigned to this planet.

Please click on the links below to read about each of these Archangels.

*   Archangel Ária

*   Archangel Ariana

*   Archangel Daniel

*   Archangel Hàdrìél

*   Archangel James

*   Archangel Kàm

*   Archangel Maeva

*   Archangel Mètatrón

*   Archangel Nathaniel

*   Archangel Raphael

*   Archangel Zária

Each of these Angels are featured on this website and there will be more added over time.

Reference:  About Angels

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